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December 07 2012

Letter: Council must invest in town

What can we say about B&NES Council and their treatment of Keynsham? Lucky they aren’t the doctor and we are the patient! .. Read More

December 07 2012

Letter: Great service on High Street

In response to last month’s letter on the former hardware store, The Handyman, perhaps the writer is not aware that in Keynsham we do have a hardware shop - Keynsham Bathrooms and Hardware. .. Read More

December 07 2012

Letter: Shoppers give kindly to cause

Through your columns I would like to take the opportunity of expressing thanks on behalf of The Rotary Club of Keynsham to the general public and, particularly, shoppers at the Co-operative Food Store in Broadmead Lane. .. Read More

December 07 2012

Letter: Great response to gift appeal

Earlier in the year I appealed for people to help us pack Christmas shoeboxes for children in Belarus and also for unwanted wool. .. Read More

December 07 2012

Letter: Let’s celebrate Judd’s success

Isn’t it time we celebrated the success of Bristol-born and Keynsham-based Judd Trump? .. Read More

December 07 2012

Letter: Public services are a priority when setting Budget

Keeping council tax as low as possible, protecting essential frontline public services as much as we can, and investing in economic growth – these are the three priorities which are guiding the preparation of Bath & North East Somerset Council’s budget for the next three years. .. Read More

December 07 2012

Letter: Slash and burn approach to cutting services makes no sense

As the Government works to tackle Britain’s unprecedented national debt problem and reduce public spending, it is only right that local councils take their share of the budget cuts. .. Read More

December 07 2012

Letter: Find funds to deliver free parking for Keynsham

If the Liberal Democrat claim that it is not possible to create free parking in Keynsham due to the “cost” ever had any credibility, it certainly does not now. .. Read More

December 07 2012

Letter: Village is home, not just address

As the newly elected councillor for Saltford Parish Council, I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to everyone who voted for me. .. Read More

October 06 2012

Letter: Spirit and character of town will not be broken

The Focus Group working with the architects cannot achieve miracles, only minor modifications to the roofline of the blocks and limited choice of the cladding materials. This is not satisfactory for any of the interested parties; compromise is a good solution in social matters but not in building design! .. Read More