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September 02 2021

Letter: Safety concern as Saltford winter mooring ban deferred

Following a judicial review challenge by Community Law Partnership (CLP) on behalf of a liveaboard boater concerning the way the B&NES Cabinet resolved on 8 October 2020 to close the 14-day moorings during winter months, a decision has been made by the cabinet member for neighbourhood services, Cllr David Wood, in consultation with the director of environment to defer the decision to close the winter moorings... Read More

March 03 2021

Letter: Biogas generator – let's consider the facts

During last spring’s lockdown, one of the early-morning joys of my daily exercise was cycling to the top of Charlton Road to Charlton fields, birdwatching... Read More

April 04 2013 Opinion: Can Keynsham's past be a part of its future?

Opinion: Can Keynsham's past be a part of its future?

With a new centre and hundreds of homes set to dramatically change Keynsham over the next few years, Richard Wyatt poses the question whether it’s also the ideal opportunity for the town’s hidden ancient history to help shape its future, too.. Read More

February 07 2013

Letter: Road safety funding should be flexible

At a time when we as a council have little spare money it has to be questioned whether the £500,000 earmarked for blanket 20mph limits is the most effective use of money to improve road safety. .. Read More

February 07 2013

Letter: Residents will welcome cut in speed

The need for a lower speed limit and improved road safety on Charlton Road is something raised frequently with me by local residents... Read More

February 07 2013

Letter: Proud of those challenging plans

I read with dismay your article entitled “New move on drilling plan” on page 6 in the January edition of the Keynshamvoice. .. Read More

February 07 2013

Letter: To your pens if you’re inspired

I hope many of your readers have felt inspired to write a short story following the article on Saltford’s Short Story Competition in your December edition. .. Read More

February 07 2013

Letter: Funds raised are already helping

I write on behalf of the President of the Lions Club of Keynsham, Lion Ken Hawker, to thank the people of Keynsham and Saltford for their generosity once again over the Christmas period. .. Read More

February 07 2013

Letter: We just want a level playing field

Julie Stiddard states in her letter in January’s issue of Keynshamvoice that it has been a “struggle” to stop herself from writing to letter pages until now. .. Read More

February 07 2013

Resident calls for new clock tower

Time ran out for Keynsham’s clock tower last month, when it was pulled down to make way for the redevelopment of the town centre... Read More