Wellsway School welcomes 'good' rating from Ofsted

February 05 2018
Wellsway School welcomes 'good' rating from Ofsted

Wellsway School remains a “good” school, says education watchdog Ofsted.

Wellsway School remains a “good” school, says education watchdog Ofsted.

Three inspectors who visited the 1,350-pupil secondary in Keynsham in January said it continued to deserve the rating of good, which it received in 2014.

They noted a number of improvements brought about by the principal, Matthew Woodville, since his arrival in April 2016 and said senior leadership was very strong. They also praised the support given to the school by the Wellsway Multi Academy Trust.

In a letter to Mr Woodville, lead inspector Kathy Maddocks said: “Senior leaders have an accurate understanding of what needs to be done to make sure pupils gain even greater successes. You are working well as a team. You provide and receive good training from the Wellsway Academy Trust, which has benefited the school.”

Changes in staffing, expectations and procedures had led to improved teaching and learning, she reported. A greater focus on students with special educational needs was also noted.

Ms Maddocks said: “You have made teachers more aware of the capability of pupils. Now, pupils receive greater challenge in their learning.”

She described Wellsway as having a “positive and friendly atmosphere”.

Mr Woodville said he was delighted that Ofsted had recognised the school’s strengths.

“I am pleased that Ofsted agrees with the direction the school is going in as we continue our journey towards outstanding. We welcome this report, which acknowledges the changes we have made to support all students to reach their potential.

“We are confident the measures we have put in place will ensure students enjoy their time at Wellsway, make rapid progress and develop into confident, respectful and successful young people.”

Andrea Arlidge, chief executive of Wellsway Multi Academy Trust, said: “Congratulations to Matthew Woodville and his team for this very successful Ofsted short inspection report. It is clear that staff, students and their families are benefiting from being part of a strong local partnership where everyone is working together to provide a high quality educational experience.”