Volunteers prepare a spring display for Keynsham, planting thousands of crocus blooms

December 23 2018

Thousands of crocus corms have been planted in Keynsham by volunteers, who now have a few months to wait to see the results of their work.

Members of Keynsham Rotary and Keynsham in Bloom teamed up on a very wet Saturday morning to get to work at St John’s churchyard and in Sherwood Close.

Their efforts in less than ideal weather should be well rewarded come spring, however, when the 5,000 new corms flower into purple crocuses – adding to the 10,000 already planted at Queens Road shops and Manor Road playing fields in previous years.

Purple is the colour of Rotary’s campaign to rid the world of polio – as children who are vaccinated have their finger marked with purple dye – and the Purple4Polio initiative aims to raise awareness in the UK with the planting of purple crocus corms.  Nigel Hutchings, from Keynsham Rotary, said: “Since 1985, Rotary’s key humanitarian priority has been to rid the world of polio, and Rotary spearheaded the campaign at a time when there were over 1,000 polio cases a day in 125 countries, paralysing and even killing children.

“Today, the number of cases is down by 99.9 per cent. Despite there only being a handful of cases left in the world, continued campaigning, health worker training and vaccination programmes are essential to stop the disease returning and ensuring the world is certified polio-free.”

In September 2019, the group will be looking for new locations in Keynsham to plant crocus corms and suggestions are welcome – email rotarykeynsham@gmail.com