Students go behind the scenes at the Voice

August 12 2013
Students go behind the scenes at the Voice

Joe Hardwick and Becky Spicer from Wellsway School spend their week's work experience at Keynshamvoice.

by Joe Hardwick and Becky Spicer

We did our work experience with Keynshamvoice for a week. It gave us a helpful insight as to how a newspaper works and what to expect of a normal working day. We were set a variety of different tasks allowing us to develop many skills. This helped us realise how running a newspaper is not only about the writing. We chose to work with the Keynshamvoice as we are both interested in carrying on media studies and one of us, Joe, is passionate about photography.

We were given the chance to get involved with the photography aspects of the paper by taking pictures of the local area. Hopefully, they will be useful for the future! Also, we took part in the organisation of things at the office, helping with leaflets and the order of the papers. This gave us a good idea of what a working office is like. Another task we were given was to help with distribution to both houses and businesses, allowing us to understand how widespread the readers are. A different, amazing opportunity we were given was to practice questioning and communication skills by brainstorming some interviewing questions. We practised the communication skills by ringing some companies to check certain details.

The most enjoyable parts of the week were taking photos for the paper and making advertisements using Adobe InDesign, in which we had to explore new tools and computer skills. We hadn’t used the programme before but we found it was similar to Adobe Photoshop so easy to get the hang of. Some of the advertisements we created will be used in the paper, which will be rewarding to see the final image in print.

During the week, we definitely improved in many areas and became efficient in most of them. We found the tasks enjoyable even if they challenged us slightly.  The office was a lively and friendly environment and all the people we worked with were welcoming and understanding.