Parking zone for Saltford residents

May 27 2021
Parking zone for Saltford residents

The Shallows and Mead Lane in Saltford have new parking restrictions in place.

Double-yellow lines have been installed along most of both these residential roads, and The Shallows has a Residents’ Parking Zone (RPZ) – the first in Saltford.

Over recent years these two narrow roads, running adjacent to the River Avon, have been the subject of safety concerns following numerous instances of dangerous and inconsiderate parking.

Scenes of gridlock, which severely reduced access for emergency vehicles, led to several police road closures in Saltford’s ‘old village’ area.

Access concerns and safety issues, due to the high number of drivers parking on The Shallows and Mead Lane, were repeatedly raised by residents and users of the riverbank to Saltford Parish Council and Bath & North East Somerset ward councillors.

The police and fire brigade expressed similar concerns during busy periods.

A three-hour limited waiting bay has been created on The Shallows near the car park, and The Shallows car park itself has parking spaces in marked bays only.

The new restrictions have been welcomed by both residents and visitors who use these roads. Benefits include a safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists, good access for vehicle users, and the ability for residents to access and park near their homes during busy periods.

The new parking restrictions have also led to an improved environment for those who come to enjoy the riverside setting, such as kayakers and anglers. They also protect the riverbank structure.

The new Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) have resulted from collaborative work between Saltford Parish Council, Saltford’s B&NES ward councillors and B&NES Council. They follow a B&NES consultation earlier this year.

B&NES ward councillor Duncan Hounsell said: “It is exceptional for a Residents’ Parking Zone (RPZ) to be created in a relatively small area.

“B&NES Council has moved swiftly to respond to the needs of residents to have priority parking in The Shallows.

“With the parking restrictions now in place on a permanent basis, it is clear that the best way for visitors to enjoy Saltford’s riverside is by cycling or walking, whilst there are disabled parking bays within The Shallows public car park where limited parking continues to be provided.”

Councillor Chris Warren, chair of Saltford Parish Council, added: “The parish council has worked closely with B&NES Council (the highways authority) to achieve the implementation of the TROs, which benefit

The Shallows and Mead Lane residents, the wider Saltford community who come to enjoy the riverside area, and visitors to the village. Ensuring safety and access at this location is paramount.”

B&NES Council parking enforcement officers are regularly visiting the area to ensure the new TROs are being followed, including ensuring appropriate parking in the car park and in the dedicated Residents’ Parking Zone bays.