On the Beat - news from Keynsham Police - May 2022

May 06 2022

You may have seen on social media that a 78-year-old woman was knocked over by the pillion on a stolen motorbike that mounted the pavement in Holy Walk, Keynsham, at 2.30pm on Saturday March 26.

The victim tried to stop the bike and was pushed over, suffering a broken hip. The bike made off in the direction of Greenfield Road but could have travelled along any of that estate, as it is likely to have headed back towards Park House Lane.

Could I ask anyone with CCTV or a ring doorbell camera to please check your system to see if it has captured anything. We have arrested a suspect but need extra evidence to identify the offender.

If you have any information, you can either contact Avon and Somerset Constabulary, quoting the reference number 5222075368, or if you want to remain anonymous, you can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

• We have made some positive progress in relation to the theft of motorbikes and mopeds we have been suffering. We have arrested and charged an offender who has been given various bail conditions. These include not being allowed in Keynsham, which is being monitored by a GPS tag to prevent it being breached.

We are still monitoring the location of these offences and advise you to lock your bikes away and use additional security measures where possible. It literally takes seconds to steal these bikes, so anything you can do to slow down would-be offenders can help.

• We have been targeting our problem youths who have been causing issues in and around the High Street. We have been using acceptable behaviour contracts and parenting orders to try to curb their poor behaviour. We are trying to be more visible in the affected locations during our downtime to help prevent offences.

• We are starting to see issues with parking again around Keynsham, where it appears that laziness is the cause for poor parking and parking on pavements. It’s simple - if you feel you need to put two wheels on the pavement, then it’s probably not a suitable place to park.

Pavements are for people and roads are for vehicles, if you can keep that in mind. Parking on Durley Hill near Keynsham Rugby Club has become an issue again, with a long line of vehicles on the pavement.

If your parking would force someone to walk on the road, it’s not a suitable place to park. Please do your best to park properly, as we have been out issuing tickets.

• With summer on the horizon, we will be out and about as much as possible, so if you see us please come and chat. If you can tell us what’s going on in your area so we can ensure we have our team in the right areas and are looking into the most relevant problems, we can make this a better place for all of us to live and work.

PC James Evans