On the Beat - news from Keynsham Police - October 2021

October 01 2021

Within the policing world, the staff changes come thick and fast, and this month we see the arrival of our new police sergeant, Stuart Cumine, who takes over from Jon Bagnowiec.

Jon has been promoted to the rank of inspector - we wish him well in his new role in Somerset.

Stuart will be an exciting addition to the team and will no doubt want to bring his own style to neighbourhood policing.

*As the schools return, the same problems seem to rear their heads. We have always had issues with parking around local schools. The roads around our two large senior schools and several primary and infant schools get heavily congested at the start and end of the school day. This causes a safety issue for us all.

We will be more visible around these times, and repeat offenders who block driveways, park on pavements or double-yellow lines, or cause a general obstruction, will be challenged and are likely to incur a penalty notice for any offences.

The road networks around schools are designed for the safety of children and the parents and carers who take them to school. Every time a pavement is blocked or a view obstructed, it puts people at risk of an accident.

No one wants to be held accountable for a child being injured.

Remember that pavements are for people, not cars, and if you can’t park on the side of the road and leave enough room for other road users, you should not be parked there.

*We are still having problems with electric scooters and bikes. The law is quite clear, whether you agree with it or not - scooters and bikes that are not pedal-assisted are not allowed. The only ones that conform to the regulations are the scooters you can hire. This is because they are registered and are insured to cover the third-party risk. At this time, no insurance companies offer insurance for privately bought ones as they do not conform to the regulations.

We have the power to seize these bikes and scooters and deal with the rider, not only for the lack of insurance but for other offences such as drink-driving and driving while disqualified. If we see these being used, we will be taking some sort of action.

*Last month we actioned a positive drugs warrant where officers seized class A and class B drugs and arrested the occupants. The investigation is ongoing, but we were successful in removing drugs that would have got on to our streets.

*As a neighbourhood policing team, we are hoping to become more visible, so if you see any of us out and about, please stop for a chat.

PC James Evans