On the Beat - December 2020

November 27 2020

Ensure your children obey the Covid-19 rules, says PC James Evans

The Neighbourhood Policing Team have been busy over the last few months.

During the latest lockdown, although people are supposed to stay at home and only go out if it is essential, a number of people continue to breach this.

It falls to the police to enforce these issues, and we have extra staff working trying to keep up with the reported breaches.

What many won’t know is that, although juveniles cannot be fined for breaching Covid regulations, their parents/carers can.

Please bear this in mind and ensure your children are sticking to the rules. The last thing we want to do is issue fines during these challenging times.

WE continue to have issues with creeper-style burglaries to outbuildings and sheds, with cycles and motorcycles being targeted. With that in mind, please record your bike’s frame so it can be identified if stolen. 

You will find the frame number on the bottom of the bike, generally punched into the frame under the bottom bracket, which is the bit that holds the crank and pedals.

As stated, we have had a number of motorbikes and mopeds either being stolen from our local area or being brought here and ridden around the streets and parks.

If you own a bike and have to leave it on the street for any reason, please lock it. A decent chain and a disc lock should prevent bikes being taken; you might be surprised how easy it is to bypass the ignition on a lot of bikes, especially mopeds.

THIS month we conducted a Misuse of Drugs Act warrant search on a property in Keynsham, with both money and drugs being seized. The investigation is still ongoing but we are looking at a positive outcome.

A lot of information for warrants comes from intelligence supplied by the public.

You can do this in a number of ways - stopping and talking to police when you see them; phoning them on 101; using the Avon and Somerset Police website; contacting your local Neighbourhood Policing Team; or through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

This information help us build a picture of what is going on in our local areas and we can then plan how best to tackle it. We need this information to tackle crime in your neighbourhood, so please let us know what’s happening.

AT this time of year, the change in the weather catches people out and our road accident figures go up.

You can do your bit by checking the roadworthiness of your vehicle. We check police vehicles at the start of every shift, so with three shifts a day our cars get and need a lot of maintenance.

I’d recommend once a week checking your fluid levels, tyre pressure, tread depth and lights. Just these basic checks will help keep your vehicle in a roadworthy condition and prevent accidents.

WITH Christmas around the corner, who knows what celebrations will look like this year? Stay safe and follow the guidelines, and hopefully we can all enjoy the festive period with family and friends.