On the Beat - news from Keynsham Police - August 2021

August 06 2021

At the moment we are seeing a big rise in the reporting of offences and incidents. It’s quite easy to explain this - normally at this time of year there would be many people abroad on holiday, but that’s not happened due to Covid. More people mean more incidents. But what can we all do about this?

Most of our issues are harassment-related. That being said, most of these are due to the fact that we have lost the art of conversation and the ability to manage our own problems. We seem to have this natural self-protection of blaming everyone else and not taking responsibility for our own involvement or actions.

The key is compromise. Sometimes you can agree to disagree - you don’t have to be friends with everyone. Sometimes it’s easier to draw a line under it and move on, without involving the police in a matter they don’t need to be involved with.

*Mead Lane and the Shallows have been attracting a lot of visitors again. This is fine, of course, as long as people stick to the rules. Last year we had bollards all the way along these locations. Since then, B&NES council has replaced these with double-yellow lines, and it is responsible for enforcing parking restrictions.

It has also been highlighted that ‘no mooring’ signs have been put up.  B&NES council has added these signs, which cover the old 48-hour moorings that have been removed, and the signs will be replaced with B&NES liveried ones soon, so people understand this is official.

As a beauty spot, this is a lovely location which needs to be respected and not spoiled. The soft cheese company is now running its drinks wagon in the field, so pay them a visit but take your rubbish with you and leave the area as you find it.

*Bristol has been experiencing some of the highest Covid figures in the country and a number of our shops, pubs and amenities have asked visitors to continue using a face mask - please do this. You may not realise this, but if one of their staff gets pinged with the Covid app then the business can lose its whole workforce overnight, and as they have suffered with a lack of trade over the last two years, they are desperate to play catch-up, so let’s help them to do this. 

*We have had some results in the number of stolen mopeds that have been seen around Keynsham, with a male being arrested the other day. That investigation is ongoing, and we will continue to patrol the locations affected by these issues. 

*We have exciting news in the office - two new PCSOs, Lee Hicks and Stuart Quinn, have started on the Keynsham beat, so keep your eyes peeled for them out and about and pop over for a chat.