On the Beat - May 2021

May 07 2021

This month I’ll start with some good news. A car that entered the Bloor building site at the top of Charlton Road attracted the attention of workers there, due to the way it was being driven. Next thing they know, a male dumped the car and started garden-hopping to distance himself from it.

Thanks to their quick thinking, they managed to apprehend the male. Having only seen the vehicle for a matter of seconds, they were still able to give a good description of the driver, and although he tried to change his appearance, the investigation managed to gain enough continuity to prove he was the driver.

The vehicle turned out to be stolen, with evidence of another burglary inside. The offender got a 12-week prison sentence for theft of the vehicle, and the burglary investigation is ongoing. We hope to extend his stay in prison once the forensic results are back.

*We have had reports of stolen mopeds being ridden around the footpaths of the new estates at the top of Charlton Road. We are working with the council for a solution to access routes between the estates to hinder this sort of behaviour. However, if anyone sees a moped rider doing this, please gain as much information as you can - whether that is covertly recording the incident on a mobile phone or just jotting down the index and reporting it on either 101 or through the force website.

Generally, if a moped has L plates and has two people on it, it’s likely to be an offence, as provisional riders are not allowed to carry pillion passengers. We are looking at different ways to catch these offenders but could do with your eyes and ears to help us pinpoint locations.

*There has been a massive rise in dog ownership since the lockdown was introduced, with people taking advantage of the ‘work from home’ guidance to train their newly acquired puppies.
Keynsham is blessed with a number of beautiful local walks. And although 99% of people clean up after their dog properly, a significantly percentage then fail to deal with the waste correctly.

There is no excuse for leaving your waste hanging from a tree, gate or fence, so take it with you and dispose of it properly. And if a bin is overflowing, please call the council to make them aware and then take your waste to the next bin.

*Over in Saltford, we have received a number of complaints about graffiti under the metal cycle path bridge that crosses the river at the Shallows. It appears that someone was under the misconception that this location was an agreed painting site. We have checked with the owners and this is not the case, so anyone found painting there is committing offences and could be liable for arrest. Please spread the word that this is not a suitable location, and if you see anyone committing this damage, please report it to us.

*Also in Saltford, please be aware that parking restrictions remain in place along the Shallows and Mead Lane and are being enforced by the council. Some bright spark decided to throw a number of the traffic cones into the river. This sort of behaviour is totally unacceptable. If anyone has any information as to the offender, I would love to speak to them.

*As the Covid rules and guidance change, please keep an eye on them so we can all get past this situation and avoid another lockdown. The rules can be found on the government website.