On the Beat - news from Keynsham Police - June 2022

May 25 2022

Your neighbourhood policing team has been busy over the last month. As the weather gets better, the demand for us seems to get higher, as people dust off their sun glasses and stow away their winter wardrobe.

We are actively trying to be more visible, conducting more regular foot patrols in and around our busier locations, from our green spaces to our schools and pubs. We will also be using the mobile police station to visit our more remote areas, where we can offer bike security marking and interact with people who may not see us that often.

This month we have been targeting some of our more troublesome night spots and had success catching offenders and bringing them to justice for possessing controlled drugs.

We are also looking at drink-driving offenders and will be targeting them over the coming months. Please remember that if you have any information about persistent drink-drivers, you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 and report what you know anonymously.

• Defects with vehicles seem to be more and more common. These can be anything from defective tyres to the admin side of MOTs having expired. With no regular reminder of this fact, this offence is occurring more often.

I wonder how many people could say when their MOT is due or when was the last time they checked their vehicle over, from tyre pressures to making sure all the lights work. It is the car user’s responsibility to make themselves aware of the condition of the vehicle and that they are legal to drive it.

We are seeing more often that vehicle insurance companies are cancelling policies for people missing payments.

It falls to the driver to make sure these policies are in place - YOU are the ones who will be dealt with for offences, and to say that it’s the insurance company’s fault is not good enough.

We have the power to seize uninsured vehicles and untaxed vehicles from the roadside, at the owner’s expense, to pay any related fine and recovery costs. Please make sure you do not put yourself in that position.

• This month the team are taking on additional water safety training, because of the number of people who have enjoyed the last few summers in and around our waterways, including Chew Valley Lake.

It has been highlighted that this training would be extremely important should an accident occur and we end up being first on the scene. That being said, we all need to play our part in making the right choices this summer and staying safe in these areas.

•  We have had great success in dealing with the plague of stolen motorcycles that were being used in and around Keynsham. These offences have reduced massively and we are looking to continue this good work, actively targeting offenders and dealing with any offences.

• There are a number of school and villages fetes coming up that we are hoping to attend, and we look forward to seeing many of you at these events. If you have any events coming up, please get in touch, and if possible we will attend.

PC James Evans