Thanks for helping us to return stolen bikes

January 05 2021

It’s not all doom and gloom, honest! This month’s good news is that of the bikes we advertised as stolen in last month’s column, we’ve managed to return two of them to their owners.

They were very grateful, so thanks for your help in identifying them. I still have one outstanding, so if you know anyone who has had a bike or item stolen, please ask them to report it to the police so we have a chance of getting their items back to them.

*Covid Covid Covid - it fills the news and has us on the edge of our seats. Its effects have been life-changing for most of the planet, and as I write this, the guidance has changed again.

We have extra officers working every day to help deal with the strain that enforcing the latest rules has on the police force.

We have the power to issue fines and stop gatherings that are in breach of the new rules and, as a number of people have found out to their cost, we are using enforcement when needed.

Please be sensible and stick to the rules as they change so we don’t have to ruin your celebrations.

*This time of year sees some people struggling with their mental health, and knowing where to turn for support can be a daunting prospect. Approaching someone for help can seem like the hardest thing in the world to do.

If you’re struggling, I would urge you to try to speak to someone, whether it’s a trained professional like a Samaritans volunteer (phone number 116123) or a friend, neighbour or colleague.

No matter what’s going on, there is always a way forward - it’s just that sometimes we need help to find that way.

Likewise, if you notice someone’s behaviour changing, or you feel that something is just not right, then talk to them or raise you concerns with others so they can. It could be the most important conversation you ever have.

*I have been harping on about home security for the last few months, and with the thefts of bicycles and motorcycles on the rise, it has been important to push this to try to prevent offences.

This time of year lends itself to opportunists skulking around in the extended hours of darkness and targeting outbuildings and garages.

If you’ve received expensive gifts for Christmas, please make sure they are stored securely. Record any frame numbers of bikes and take a picture of them, so that if needed we can prove that an item is yours.

Also, if you have received an electric scooter for Christmas, please remember they are not for the public highway and that we have the power to seize and destroy them if they are used in public places, so use them as they are intended and it will not be an issue.

From me and the rest of the Neighbourhood Policing Team, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and that we can get back to some sort of normality in 2021.