On the Beat - news from Keynsham Police - February 2022

January 29 2022

IT’S 2022 - how did that happen? As we strive into the new year, with Christmas a dim and distant memory, I have been reviewing local incidents from Keynsham and the surrounding towns and villages. This gives a good understanding of the crime trends we are likely to suffer.

In Keynsham, we are still suffering with attempted and confirmed garage breaks. The offenders use bolt croppers or similar to cut the locks off garages, with garage blocks being the main target.

We have had reports of youths/young adults walking around Keynsham carrying such croppers, and I would urge you to call us and report it if you see someone acting suspiciously.

We have also had reports of two males ‘scouting properties’ by walking along the road, stopping at every property and paying attention to them. Similar behaviour has been reported in Hanham, where residents have suffered burglaries.

Please check that any security equipment, from CCTV to outside lights, is active and in working order and that any side/back gates to properties are locked, as this seems to be favourite access point.

*There are the odd occasions where we do not have any neighbourhood officers in Keynsham, so we have started an initiative to seek support from colleagues in other local areas.

The idea is that we set them patrol plans, highlighting our areas of highest demand, and they will patrol them in our absence.

We hope this will provide better cover for our residents and fill the gaps in policing when we are not here.

*We have just completed a week of action targeting some of our ‘problem’ areas and offences.

We have given out over 50 tool-marking kits to try to combat theft of tools. This offence mainly occurs in vehicles parked up either overnight or at building sites.

We supplied a DNA-style marking kit so tools can be identified when found by officers and to act as a preventative measure.

We have also been dealing with speeders and people contravening vehicle weight limits, as these are both issues that are reported to us.

*We are still receiving reports of stolen motorbikes being found in and around Keynsham. If you see a bike in an unusual location or which looks out of place, please let us know and we will come and check it.

Most of these bikes appear to be used through the night and are then parked in the daytime, sometime with a bike cover. The thieves are even cheeky enough to add locks to stop them being stolen again by someone else.

*With the cold weather, we have had more reports than usual of poor parking around our senior and junior schools. Some drivers are parking on the controlled areas outside the school which are meant to be kept clear for the safety of all parties.

Parking on them is an endorsable offence, meaning it carries a fine and penalty points. We will be looking to deal with repeat offenders.

Let’s not be lazy and put other people at risk. Please do not park on or block these areas or you will be dealt with.

*With spring around the corner, we hope to get another PCSO and PC in the office to help deal with demand. This will help us be more effective in our policing of local areas and support the team.
As we move into this year, our aim is to be more visible, so if you see us around please stop us for a chat.

PC James Evans