October Column: PC Lisa Hawtin

October 05 2013
October Column: PC Lisa Hawtin

PC Lisa Hawtin on Keynsham Youth Fest, school visits and parking problems.

Well, where did September go? The children are back at school with their feet under the desk and heads down studying hard and if as parents you are anything like me then you will be restocking the food cupboards and getting the house back together. I was delighted to be part of the Keynsham Youth Festival again this year and thankfully escaped having to perform the Macarena. I had to keep reminding myself that I was there to work as I got drawn in by the acts on the Bandstand, especially The Scribes – nice work, boys. I attended some of the Youth Fest meetings and I saw how much work and dedication goes into pulling it all together. Thank you Keynsham Town Council and our Youth Services, great work.

At the time of writing I am planning my visit to St Keyna School where I look forward to meeting the boys and girls and talking to them about policing, crime and the consequences. I will also be dispelling the myth that the police are not going to take them away when they are naughty or don’t brush their teeth at night. When I see parents out with their children, I often hear the parents saying: “See that police lady, she will take you away if you don’t behave.” NOT TRUE, KIDS, don’t listen to it!

PACT meetings  – if you’ve never attended one of these meetings then you may be asking yourself what it’s all about. This is where you have the unique opportunity to meet some key figures within your community all under one roof. We are dedicated to working together for the good of those who live and work in Keynsham. The meeting is open for all to attend and potentially air any local issues that perhaps need to be tackled or just shared. You may find others are experiencing the same issues, or in fact we are already aware and are dealing with it.

We aim to agree on three priorities that will be actioned by either one or all of your representatives. This is your meeting, it’s productive and is an effective channel for you to use so do join us and let us know what you think.
Our next meeting is going to be slightly different in that we are amalgamating all the sectors in Keynsham – North, South and East. The plan is to have a B&NES councillor, neighbourhood police officer, Keynsham Town councillor and Curo representative, all in attendance to report back on local issues and to listen to any new ones.

We will meet at 7pm on Thursday,  October 10, at Victoria Church Hall, High Street, Keynsham.  Future meetings are run quarterly and the dates are advertised on our website www.avonandsomerset.police.uk.

It sounds like I have the best job in the world doesn’t it? Well, I believe I have but there’s always room for a moan. There has been a period of settling in to the new term for parents and children at schools in Keynsham. However, complaints about irresponsible parking are still being received from residents and other parents. A number of verbal warnings were issued last week but now it’s time for tickets. Please consider other road users, residents and essentially the safety of the children walking to school.
Kids, tell your parents: “You see that police lady over there, well if you don’t park sensibly then she’ll take your car away!”