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March 31 2018

Noise row over Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park's speakers

Villagers living near a Keynsham attraction say they are suffering from increasing levels of noise from the site’s sound systems on a daily basis... Read More

March 21 2018 Thumbnail Image

Family release emotional tribute to Keynsham man Luke Allen after fatal fall

The family of a 22-year-old former Broadlands School pupil who died following a fall at a construction site in Bristol last week have released a moving tribute to a “kind, caring and loving” man... Read More

March 02 2018 Thumbnail Image

Former Wellsway pupil Chris Williams aims to bring surgery hope to people in Malawi

A former Wellsway student is taking on his toughest challenge yet to bring hope to people born with cleft lip and palate in Malawi – the same condition that affected him as a baby... Read More

March 02 2018 Thumbnail Image

Keynsham campaigners call on residents to stem flow of plastic waste

A Keynsham couple have displayed all of the plastic waste generated from four weeks of supermarket shopping on the banks of Keynsham’s River Chew to highlight our dependency on plastic... Read More

March 02 2018 Thumbnail Image

Neighbours unite for first community clean-up on Keynsham estates

Residents from two of Keynsham’s newest neighbourhoods teamed up to hold their first community clean-up last month... Read More

March 02 2018 Thumbnail Image

Campaigners call for allotments for East Keynsham residents

Campaigners are urging planning chiefs to rule that allotments for current east Keynsham residents must be included in a new housing development... Read More

March 02 2018

£88,000 proposal to upgrade CCTV network in Keynsham

New CCTV is proposed for Keynsham as part of an £88,000 investment in the town’s network of cameras... Read More

March 02 2018

Throwing away 60p parking ticket could have cost me £100, says Keynsham motorist

A Keynsham driver says he could be as much as £100 out of pocket now if he hadn’t taken the unusual step of keeping hold of a 60p parking ticket he bought in January... Read More

March 02 2018 Thumbnail Image

Fly-tipper fined £6,400 after dumping waste at Keynsham Scouts' campsite

A man who dumped 12 tonnes of rubbish in countryside across Bath and North East Somerset, including on land owned by 1st Keynsham Scouts, has been fined £6,400... Read More

March 02 2018 Thumbnail Image

Keynsham shows united front on anti-social behaviour at meeting

The anti-social behaviour affecting Keynsham has no quick fix – but there are many people willing to play a part in finding one, a meeting on the issue has revealed... Read More