News from your Keynsham and Saltford MP - November 2021

October 29 2021

David Amess died a martyr’s death. He was a Catholic whose faith was fundamental to him and was the foundation of his service. A martyr is a witness, one who by his actions provides evidence for the truth. David did this throughout his life.

It was a life of public service. He put himself out for those he represented and became their champion. He helped those who had no other advocate and worked to make their lives better. He took on unfashionable causes which others ignored and put serving ahead of personal ambition. He lived a model Christian life and what he did was founded on the love of God and His creation.

In his personal interactions, David was kind to everyone and he treated all alike; he was interested in them and made time. This is a rare quality but one that allowed him to make friends easily. He was also a believer in public service as his dedication to both his constituents and constituency proved. Now, the City of Southend will never have a louder champion or a greater believer.

All deaths are sad and hard to bear for those left behind but brutal murder is so senseless that it must be even harder for his family to endure. No one wants a martyr’s death but it is important to remain true to the values of faith and public service.

In honour and commemoration of David, politicians should embrace his values and maintain the openness and access that made him so dear to those he represented.

Jacob Rees-Mogg