Let's put station revival campaign back on track

July 08 2019

PARISH leaders in Saltford are seeking a meeting with Bath and North East Somerset councillors to try to push forward long-held ambitions of re-opening the village railway station.

With the Liberal Democrats now in control at BANES after ousting the Conservatives in the recent local government elections, those pressing for the station to come back into use hope a new administration might lead to progress in their campaign.
Saltford station has been closed since 1970 and last November parish councillors wrote to regional leaders to express their “frustration” at the lack of movement on proposals to include its reinstatement within the MetroWest scheme - a project to improve rail services in the Greater Bristol area and create new or re-open stations at various sites.
Saltford Parish Council said getting trains to stop once more at the station was a high priority for the authority, with re-opening of the facility both viable and achievable.
It now wants to meet with BANES leader Dine Romero, the Cabinet members for transport services and resources, and the Saltford ward councillors Duncan Hounsell and Alastair Singleton to discuss how to take the project forward. The parish council also hopes that interested local groups and organisations will be involved in the meeting.
The Lib Dems have previously spoken of making a station in Saltford a reality and not just an aspiration.
Saltford Parish Council chairman Chris Warren said the site for the station was an open space, with room to park about 150 cars. There was also the potential for further parking space nearby. It has been estimated that patronage of the station would be in the region of 200,000 users every year.