Keynsham swimmers storm to second place in championships

March 04 2016

Coaches at Keynsham Swimming Club were full of praise for their swimmers after the club secured second place in the overall medal table at the recent Somerset County Championships, writes our correspondent.

March 2016

Coaches at Keynsham Swimming Club were full of praise for their swimmers after the club secured second place in the overall medal table at the recent Somerset County Championships, writes our correspondent.

After four gruelling weekends of competition at Millfield School, Street, Keynsham gained 31 gold, 25 silver and 19 bronze medals, finishing second out of 18 teams and only beaten to the top position by Millfield School itself whose swimmers are drawn from all over the country and abroad.

In addition to the medalists, there were also a number of swimmers reaching finals in their events and also achieving qualifying times for the South West regional competitions later in the year. Although qualifying times have yet to be published, it is also likely that some swimmers will have achieved the standard for the National Short Course Championships in December.

Keynsham Gold Squad coach Andrew Turner was delighted with the team’s performance. He said: “This is a fantastic result for the club. The coaching team have seen the swimmers put in a great deal of hard work in training over the past six months and they fully deserve the success they have achieved.”

He added: “There was a tremendous team spirit throughout and the swimmers, coaches and support team really enjoyed the competition despite some very long and tiring days over the course of the four weekends. It’s great to win medals but seeing everyone enjoying themselves and supporting each other through triumphs and disappointments is just as rewarding.”

With very few breaks in the swimming competition calendar, the Keynsham squad were straight back to training after the county competition with their eyes on the Regional Championships in May. In the meantime, three members of the squad – Ben Lawton, Jess Podger and Tom Sinclair – will be travelling to Glasgow in April having qualified for the British Championships, which this year will also act as the Olympic Trials event for all GB swimmers looking to travel to Rio this summer. They will be competing alongside Keynsham’s 2012 Olympian Siobhan-Marie O’Connor, who will be looking to secure her place on the GB team.

Keynsham's Somerset County Medalists


Alice Barton 13yrs: Gold 400 IM, Gold 200 Free, Gold 200 Fly, Gold 100 Free, Gold 200 Back, Gold 100 IM, Gold 200 IM, Gold 100 FLY, Gold 50 Back, Silver 800 Free, Silver 100 Back, Silver 50 Fly, Silver 200 Breast, Silver 50 Free, Silver 400 free.
Rhiannon Bowen 15yrs: Gold 50 Free, (Silver Junior Champ), Gold 100 Fly, Silver 100 free, Silver 400 Free, Bronze 200 Fly, Bronze 50 Fly, Bronze 200 Breast.
Zach Derrick 15yrs: Gold 200 Fly (Bronze Junior Champ), Gold 100 IM, Silver 200 Back, Silver 200 IM, Silver 100 Fly, Bronze 100 breast, Bronze 100 Free, Bronze 50 Breast, Bronze 100 Back, Bronze 50 Back.
Georgia Gussey 12yrs: Gold 800 Free, Gold 100 Breast, Gold 200 Breast, 50 Breast, Silver 200 IM, Bronze 200 Free, Bronze 200 Back, Bronze 50 Free.
Dylan Hood 15yrs: Silver 100 Breast, Silver 50 Breast, Silver 200 Breast, Bronze 100 IM, Bronze 200 IM.
Sam Lawton 15yrs: Silver 400 IM, Silver 200 Fly, Bronze 800 Free.
Jess Lawton 10yrs: Silver 50 Fly (11/12yrs), Silver 100 Fly.
Jess Podger 15yrs: Gold 800 Free (Gold Senior Champ, Gold Junior Champ), Gold 400 Free (Silver Junior Champ) Gold 400 IM (Bronze Junior Champ), Gold 200 Free (Silver Junior Champ, Bronze Junior Champ), Gold 200 Fly (Silver Junior Champ), Gold 100 Free (Silver Junior Champ), Gold 200 Back (Silver Junior Champ, Bronze Senior Champ), Gold 200 IM (Silver Junior Champ), Silver 100 Fly, Silver 50 Back, Bronze 100 IM, Bronze 50 Free.
Ella Riggall 13yrs: Gold 50 Free, Bronze 100 Back, Bronze 50 Back.
Tom Sinclair 18yrs: Gold 200 Free (Gold Senior Champ), Gold 100 Free (Gold Senior Champ), Gold 50 Fly (Gold Senior Champ) , Gold 100 Fly (Gold Senior Champ), Silver 400 Free (Silver Senior Champ).
Lara Turner 11yrs: Gold 100 Free, Gold 50 Free.
Jack White 16yrs: Bronze 1500 Free.
Alex Withey 17yrs: Silver 800 Free, Bronze 200 Breast.
Evie-Rose Young 13yrs: Gold 200 Breast, Silver 100 Breast, Silver 50 Breast.


Gold 12yrs & Under Girls Medley Relay: Lara Turner, Georgia Gussey, Poppy Isom and Jessica Lawton.
Silver 13/14yrs Girls Free Team: Alice Barton, Ella Riggall, Evie Rose Young and Georgia Boulton.
Silver 16yrs & Under Girls free team: Rhiannon Bowen, Misty Marshall Welling, Jess Podger and Alice Barton.