Keynsham residents' views helping Neighbourhood Development Plan take shape

February 05 2018
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Feedback from hundreds of residents is being analysed as a busy year for Keynsham’s Neighbourhood Development Plan gets under way.

Feedback from hundreds of residents is being analysed as a busy year for Keynsham’s Neighbourhood Development Plan gets under way.

The results are in from a public consultation that ended last month and asked residents for their views on everything from transport and housing to recreation and how they thought the town should develop over the next 20 years.

The responses will now be used to draw up detailed policies that, once the NDP document is approved by the community, will guide planning decisions over the next couple of decades.   

Cheryl Scott, Keynsham town clerk, said: “We have been spending the last few weeks recording the contents of the returned community consultations. Once we have analysed the responses, our initial findings will form the basis for the detailed policies to be compiled by each of the NDP topic groups. The answers you have supplied to our consultation will go a long way to helping our NDP working group to understand and represent what is important to residents of Keynsham, so we would like to thank everyone who took the time to fill in the questionnaire.”

The five topic groups are made up of volunteers from the community and each looks at a specific area for planning: roads, transport, parking and infrastructure; recreation, leisure, sport, health and community; heritage, culture, tourism, marketing and development of the built environment; sustainability, environmental and ecological; business, employment and economic growth.

The NDP group is launching a number of projects to look more closely at issues in the town, including giving feedback on the one-way system in the High Street, launching a questionnaire on how businesses can be encouraged to thrive in the town, asking the community how to make the best use of parks and green spaces and drawing up a report on local transport needs.

Given that the NDP is focusing on development over the next 20 years, the group is also launching a consultation with young people through schools and community groups to find out what is important to them.  Deb Cooper, NDP co-ordinator, said: “During this busy time, we will also have a group of people archiving evidence and photos, and a group of editors working on the compilation of the NDP document.

“It’s important to remember at this time that almost everybody working on the NDP are volunteers who have given up their time to help – and I look forward to working with everyone throughout the year.”

Anyone who would like to get involved in the Neighbourhood Development Plan in any way can contact Deb Cooper at