Plea for action on Keynsham High Street injuries

May 06 2022
Plea for action on Keynsham High Street injuries

A ROAD safety audit is nearing completion on Keynsham High Street, where a number of pedestrians have reported tripping and being injured on the new layout.

People have reported a number of falls and injuries since the High Street revamp was completed in March.

In one of the latest incidents, a woman suffered a grazed knee and hand tripping on the stepped kerb on the cycle lane near Church’s newsagents on April 26.

Her husband told the Voice he thinks a coloured checker should be run along the kerb to highlight the potential hazard, as the current white colouring makes the kerb look like just a white line.

Incidents reported on the Bath & North East Somerset Council website include a woman who fell off the kerb near the greengrocers and hit her head, causing a “nasty gash” and injury to her neck, and an “older man” fell off the kerb and into oncoming traffic, also hurting his head.

One reported spraining their ankle, saying: “I was forced to the outside and it just looked like a flat pavement before I went over on the small kerb.

“After all this time and money being spent, you would have thought someone would have noticed this and painted the cycle path a different colour, highlighting the uneven surface.”

Another reported seeing three people aged in their 30s trip and fall, one near the Methodist church, another near the Post Office and the third near Church’s newsagents.

“Why are there different levels, and why does the design change along the street?”

One pedestrian reported breaking her elbow near the Methodist church.

“Kerbs are similar to the white lines and go from level with road to a gradual slope. I’ve had to take six weeks off work and numerous hospital visits.

“With so many people falling there must be a problem with the layout. Not helpful to be told we are all incompetent. Never fell before.”

Another suggested: “The pavement is uneven and dangerous when walking along it without crossing. Just buy some red paint and highlight the uneven surface!”

Bath & North East Somerset Council states: “All comments have been fully noted and the information supplied will be passed to the auditors undertaking the Stage 3 road safety audit. In the meantime, as with all new public realm schemes, the council continues to monitor activity and encourages the public to use one of the three pedestrian crossings to cross the road.”

A Stage 3 audit involves a team examining the High Street from the viewpoint of all road users, with visits during the day and also after dark, to identify any night-time hazards.

Questions that a Stage 3 audit might consider include whether surfacing or drop kerbs are “adequate” for pedestrians.

The audit is due to be completed later this month, and any recommendations will then be discussed.