Inspiring Keynsham runner Pete leaves Type 2 diabetes behind

February 01 2019
Inspiring Keynsham runner Pete Weymouth leaves Type 2 diabetes behind

Less than a year after being diagnosed with diabetes, Pete Weymouth will be running the Bath Half Marathon – five stone lighter and in remission.

The 32-year-old was shocked to be told he had developed Type 2 diabetes in April last year and decided to do whatever he could to tackle the condition.

He swapped takeaways, fizzy drinks and chocolates for a healthier diet and began running and going to the gym. In five months he dropped from 20 stone to 15 stone and then received even better news – his blood glucose levels were in the healthy range, his diabetes was in remission and he no longer needed to take medication.

Sticking to his healthy lifestyle, the assistant sales manager is running the Bath Half Marathon on March 17 to raise money for Diabetes UK.

Pete, who is also running the London Marathon this year, said: “I was only built for competitive eating before, but now I run seven or eight miles most days. I even went running at 6am every morning on my honeymoon, though my wife wasn’t too happy because I woke her up. But since I decided to tackle my Type 2 diabetes, I have noticed a massive improvement in my mental and physical health. All my hard work has paid off and, best of all, I am not diabetic anymore.”

People with Type 2 diabetes don’t produce enough insulin or the insulin they produce doesn’t work properly (known as insulin resistance). Family history, age and ethnic background might put someone more at risk of getting Type 2 diabetes, as will being overweight.

Natasha Evans, Diabetes UK fundraising events manager, said: “Pete Weymouth is an absolute inspiration. We applaud his drive to put his Type 2 diabetes in remission and to celebrate his new-found fitness by entering the Bath Half. The funds he will raise will help fund ground-breaking research, and care services and campaigns to improve the lives of people with diabetes.”

To apply for a Diabetes UK place in the Bath Half, go to