Golfers' bridge in memory of Baz

January 05 2021
Golfers' bridge in memory of Baz

Family and friends have come together to create a lasting tribute to sports lover Pete Broom – known to everyone as Baz.

Baz fell ill with Covid-19 in March and died on April 5. He was 59.

Now a bridge has been built in his memory at Saltford Golf Club, where he used to play.

His former wife Jenny Ogg explained: “Baz loved all sports, and Bristol Rovers and golf were his passions. We wanted to put a memorial bench or something similar somewhere, as we were unable to have a proper funeral and there was no wake.

“We couldn't decide what to do and then we found that a bridge on the 18th hole at Saltford Golf Club needed replacing.

“His mates and the club designed Baz's Bridge, which would be a great place for a memorial - somewhere his mates would cross every round of golf, somewhere his family could go, and something that needed updating at the club.

“Baz loved the outdoors and would often comment on wildlife he had seen while golfing. Also, there is a great view of Kelston Round Top from the course, another place he would walk the dog, so it was a perfect spot.”

Hundreds of friends and family lined the route of his socially distanced funeral. And when the call went out for anyone, skilled or unskilled, to help build the bridge, many came forward.

Jenny said: “Some picked stones, some cleaned those stones, others shovelled a lot of materials, helped move concrete rings and railway sleepers, and drove diggers.”

“But the main thing was a lot involved gave their time for free, businesses gave us free or massively reduced rates on materials and hire of machinery, people turned up with food and drink for those working.

“People arrived at 8am, worked extremely hard all day in all weathers when they could have been with family or out earning money and didn't return home till it was dark.

“Baz would have been so touched and it gave all involved a sense of doing something great for a good mate.”

The bridge was officially opened on Saturday December 12, on the weekend of what would have been Baz’s 60th birthday.

Jenny cut the ribbon to officially open the bridge at a small gathering, during which she paid tribute to everyone who had helped.

“It was nice to be able to say thank-you. It has given people a sense of achievement at the end of what has been a rubbish year.”