Ghost hunters track Keynsham pub's oldest regular

May 30 2012
Ghost hunters track Keynsham pub's oldest regular

The cold beer might not be the only thing giving regulars a chill at Keynsham’s Ship Inn.

Ghost hunters track Keynsham pub's oldest regular

Mike and Rick from Real Or OthersideThe cold beer might not be the only thing giving regulars a chill at Keynsham’s Ship Inn.

For years a series of unexplained events has led staff to believe they may be sharing the 17th-century pub in Temple Street with a ghost they’ve named Sarah.

And when the tales of spontaneously smashing glasses and sounds of barrels being moved in the apparently deserted cellar reached the ears of ghost hunters Mike Garde and Rick Pool, from Real Or Otherside Paranormal Research, they were soon on their way to Keynsham for a night-time investigation.

Mike, who lives in Chipping Sodbury and set up the venture 13 months ago with Rick, said: “We would describe ourselves as open-minded sceptics. We’ll investigate and try to find an explanation for every sound or occurrence until we’re left only with the things that can’t be explained that are potentially paranormal.”

After closing time on March 10, Mike and Rick, who lives in London, and landlord Richard Weymouth set up night-vision cameras, K2 meters, voice recorders and barrier alarms around the pub and waited. And it didn’t take long for things to begin happening.

Mike said: “Rick and I were sitting in the top restaurant when we both clearly heard a sigh. Then there were the shadows moving as if someone was walking across the bar.”

But after reviewing hours of audio and video evidence from the high-tech equipment, Sarah proved elusive ­- until the investigators found one of their voice recorders seemed to have picked up the voice of a girl or woman. And, as yet, there is no earthly explanation.

Ship landlord Richard WeymouthShip landlord Richard, who has been at the pub for 18 months, says he has now got used to greeting the pub’s ghost when he opens up for the day.

He said: “There are people who have worked here for years and it’s always been ‘Sarah’, I don’t know why. I say good morning when I open up. I’ve seen things that have made me believe there is something here but it doesn’t bother me – you get a chill sometimes but whatever it might be has been here longer than we have. New staff who are a bit sceptical seem to have tricks played on them during their shifts, with glasses falling off shelves and landing upright. Then they start to believe it!”

The results of the Ship Inn investigation will soon be on the investigators’ website, alongside more details about the organisation and the results of other investigations, which range from London Tombs to Bristol’s Redcliffe Caves.