Frys bowlers get season rolling with a win

June 07 2013

The start of the Bristol and District Bowls League saw last season’s Division 4 winners, Frys, begin with a trip to Severnvale.

Thursday, April 25
The start of the Bristol and District Bowls League saw last season’s Division 4 winners, Frys, begin with a trip to Severnvale. On a breezy night, the game started tight with two rinks keeping the score tight. Like last season, one Frys rink quickly pulled away to give Frys an early lead. On a tricky green with some interesting lines, one Frys rink continued to gradually run up the score to win the rink by 17 shots. With the other two rinks unable to pull through in the last couple of ends, Frys came away with an eight-shot win picking up six points which leaves Frys fifth in the early standings. Scores: Rink 1: Lost 15-18, Rink 2:
Won 21-4, Rink 3: Lost 16-22, Overall: Frys 52-44 Severnvale (6-4).

Thursday, May 2
Frys Bowls Club looked to continue on from the previous week’s 6-4 win over Severnvale with St Anne’s Park, the first visitors to Somerdale of the new season. On a still and sunny evening, the game got off to a tight start with two rinks close and St Anne’s gaining a reasonable lead on the third rink. A tight contest saw Frys hold a few shots advantage at halfway, making for a potentially close finish. That wasn’t to materialise, with two Frys rinks pulling away to record sizable wins, which eased the pressure on the third rink who came back from the early deficit to take a short lead but only to lose out on the last few ends, leaving Frys unfortunate not to have taken all 10 points. Scores: Rink 1: 15-17; Rink 2: 22-12; Rink 3: 21-6. Overall: Frys 58-35 St Anne's Park (8-2).

Thursday, May 9
Frys travelled to Kingswood and Hanham looking to extend their two-game winning streak to start the season. On a windy and rainy evening, the game started tightly with one rink having a tied end in the early stages. As the game progressed, one rink from each team started to edge away with the other rink tight, leading to what was to be a close finish. After playing through the rain, Frys held a lead going into the final ends, only for Kingswood and Hanham to get the shots required on the final two ends to win the game by one shot with Frys only taking two points from the encounter. Scores: Rink 1: 12-15; Rink 2: 20-11; Rink 3: 15-22; Overall: Frys 47-48 Kingswood and Hanham (2-8).

Thursday, May 16
Frys Bowls Club were looking to get back to winning ways by welcoming City and Port of Bristol to a sunny Somerdale. One Frys rink quickly found a groove and pulled away to a nice lead with another Frys rink getting an advantage with City and Port taking the lead on the 3rd rink. By halfway, Frys held a good lead and looked to hold it the rest of the way. Good bowls were played across the rinks all night, as City and Port closed the deficit on one rink and took a small lead in the closing stages to tighten the game up. With City and Port winning one rink, it left Frys 6 shots up with two ends to play. One rink got the one shot needed to pick up a draw and the other rink dropping one shot but winning the rink, Frys took a 50-44 win with seven points coming from the encounter.

Thursday, May 23
Frys travelled to Long Ashton on a windy night with rain mixed in at times. A mixed start saw scores tight with Long Ashton taking a lead on one rink and never looking back. Two Frys rinks took a lead to balance up the scores, but Long Ashton battled back on one rink to eventually win the rink by two, with Frys winning one rink. Long Ashton won the game 57-41 with Frys only taking two points. Scores: Rink 1: 8-26; Rink 2: 14-10; Rink 3: 21-19; Overall: Frys 41-57 Long Ashton (2-8).

Friday, May 24
This was the first round of the Somerset Turnbull Cup and Frys travelled to Imperial looking to improve from the previous night’s loss. A windy night made tricky conditions. The match started close with no club taking much early from the game. A couple of rinks from both clubs pulled back early deficits to leave the game tight at halfway. As the wind continued, the game got ever more tense with Imperial winning the first rink. With the remaining three rinks playing their final ends simultaneously, Frys led by six going into the
final ends. Frys kept their composure, with one rink picking up one shot and the others dropping one and two shots, Frys took a 82-78 win in a tight game with the biggest rink margin only being three shots in favour of Frys. Scores: Rink 1: 20-19; Rink 2: 25-22; Rink 3: 17-19; Rink 4:
20-18; Overall: Frys 82-78

Friendly Results
Saturday, April 20: Frys 95-91 Norwest
Saturday, April 27: Frys lost to Bloomfield
Saturday, May 4: Frys 99-148 Greenbank
Saturday, May 11: Frys 69-79 Eastvillians
Saturday, May 25: Frys 78-83 Bristol Arrow.

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