Fighting Frys' valiant efforts fail to overcome local rivals in cup thriller

September 09 2019

Tuesday July 23:

The last 16 of the Somerset Bowls Association Turnbull Cup game saw Frys make the short trip to Keynsham.
Keynsham made the better start but Frys were able to stick with them, with rink 4 giving Frys a rink lead. After halfway, the game changed, with Keynsham pulling away on rinks 1 and 2, and rink 4 pulling back, putting Keynsham into a good lead.
But rink 3 weren't done yet, and pulled back their rink, keeping Frys in with a slim chance.
With rink 3 a few ends behind, it meant they could go on the attack, knowing they needed to overturn a 20-plus shot difference.
Despite a good effort, they fell short with 2 ends left to play with 20 shots too much to get, with Keynsham coming away 88-68 winners.

Scores: Rink 1: 13-28; Rink 2: 11-24; Rink 3: 24-23; Rink 4: 20-13; Frys 68-88 Keynsham. 

Wednesday July 24:

Wednesday night was Frys’ second game in the City and County of Bristol Clarence Davey, with Redland Green hosting. A poor start on rink 4 set Frys on the back foot.
The other rinks were able to stay in touch but unable to pull back much ground.
After halfway, rink 1 also started losing multiple shots, and with rink 1 not able to improve much, Redland Green won comfortably, putting up 98 shots to Frys 54, bringing Frys’ cup runs to an end.

Scores: Rink 1: 9-29; Rink 2: 22-13; Rink 3: 16-21; Rink 4: 7-35; Frys 54-98 Redland Green.  

Thursday July 25:

The 14th game of the league season saw Frys travel to Long Ashton. Frys were able to take a lead, but with rink 2 falling behind, the game remained tight.
The game got even tighter when Long Ashton pulled back on rink 3. Some crucial shots late from rink 2 helped keep Frys in front.
Rink 3 were able to hold out to get Frys 2 points, and with Frys comfortably winning rink 1 and picking up 4 shots on their last end, Frys came out 49-41 winners with 8 points, moving them into 3rd in the table, 11 points off second with 4 games left.

Scores: Rink 1: 22-9; Rink 2: 12-19; Rink 3: 15-13; Frys 49-41 Long Ashton (8-2). 
Thursday August 1:

Bottom club BAC travelled to Frys, with the home side looking for the win to keep up the promotion push. A poor start on rinks 1 and 3 saw BAC pull out an early lead.
Rink 2 were able to pull a lead for the home side, but Frys still found themselves trailing. Despite Frys keeping the game in touching distance, a lacklustre performance from Frys saw BAC come away 48-43 winners, with Frys only picking up 2 points from rink 2's win.

Scores: Rink 1: 14-18; Rink 2: 16-12; Rink 3: 13-18; Frys 43-48 BAC (2-8).

Friday August 2:

The first Friday in August saw the 50th edition of the annual Alsop Shield between Frys and Keynsham. Last year’s winners Frys hosted the game, but a poor start from rink 3 gave the visitors the early lead. With the other rinks holding close, Frys were able to hold the deficit at the halfway point.
Rink 3 were able to stop Keynsham pulling away and picking up a few useful shots. With the game entering the final 20 ends, Keynsham still held the lead. However rinks 1 and 4 combined for 21 shots in 8 combined ends, turning the game in favour of the home side. Frys entered the final 2 ends of the game 10 shots up.
The drama wasn't over as Frys debated a possible measure for the second shot on Rink 2. Frys decided to play the final shot, which the skip drew, jamming the jack between Keynsham’s shot bowl and Frys’ bowl, with the tied end securing the game for Frys. Rink 1 finished the game conceding a single, giving Frys a 75-66 win, retaining the Alsop Shield.

Score: Rink 1: 21-16; Rink 2: 17-16; Rink 3: 10-24; Rink 4: 27-10; Frys 75-66 Keynsham.

Thursday August 8:

The artificial surface of Imperial was the venue for the 16th game of Frys’ league season. Both teams got good starts on rinks 1 and 2, with rink 3 remaining tight. The game remained close, but rink 2 lost the final 4 ends and a poor night on rink 3 cost Frys the win, with Imperial coming away 54-50 winners, with 4 points dropping Frys to 5th in the table.

Scores: Rink 1: 4-30; Rink 2: 27-10; Rink 3: 19-14; Frys 50-54 Imperial (4-6).
Thursday August 15:

Frys’ final home game of the league season saw them welcome Avonvale 'A'. A tight start saw neither team gain much of an advantage.
Both clubs had rinks edge away with picking up singles and twos. Frys got an advantage on rink 2, giving Frys the halfway lead. Rink 1 continued to pull away, giving Frys the upper hand.
With rink 1 only conceding a single shot in the game, Frys comfortably won the game - with rink 2 holding out after a tight battle and rink 3 not quite completing a late comeback - taking 8 points from the 54-33 win.
With Yate 'A' picking up 4 points in their game, Frys’ chances of promotion came to an end.

Scores: Rink 1: 24-1; Rink 2: 17-13; Rink 3: 13-17; Frys 54-31 Avonvale 'A' (8-2).

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