Extra time to have say on Keynsham Neighbourhood Development Plan

December 29 2017

Residents are being invited to form “friends” groups for each of Keynsham’s parks to join a review of local play areas.

Residents are being invited to form “friends” groups for each of Keynsham’s parks to join a review of local play areas.

As part of Keynsham’s Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP), which gives residents more power over shaping the town’s future, improvements to the eight play areas will be looked at.

Residents are already forming a group to support Manor Road play area and now the town council is looking for members of the community to join groups for Teviot Road, Park Road, Upper Memorial Park, Lower Memorial Park, Kelston Road, Holmoak Road and Downfields play areas.

A spokesperson said: “One of the things we have promised Keynsham’s young residents is that we would take a closer look at the future and improvement of the play areas in our area. In order to get this moving, we would love to see each play area have its own ‘friends’ group, and that each of these groups can be represented at the NDP Recreation and Leisure Topic Group meetings.”

Meanwhile, the deadline for the public consultation on the NDP has been extended to January 19 with paper copies available from the town council office at 15-17 Temple Street and the online version still open via the NDP page at www.keynsham-tc.gov.uk

The spokesperson added: “We’ve had a very good response so far – more than 750 hard copies – but are keen to ensure everyone gets the chance to have their say about the future development of Keynsham. We are aware that some residences in Keynsham didn’t receive theirs until recently  so we are keeping the consultation open until mid-January.  Everyone who either lives or works in Keynsham can fill in the survey and we would like to encourage you all to do so.”

As well as prompting discussion, the council says a number of people have asked why the issue of the authority’s precept – its share of each household’s council tax bill – is left until the end of the questionnaire.

The spokesperson said that the main focus of the consultation was on how Keynsham should develop over the next 20 years in light of the planned increase in housing and to gather residents’ views. 

They added: “The final questions concern one possible action the town council ‘could’ take as a local government organisation in response to previous requests to provide further community facilities in Keynsham.

“As you may be aware, the town council put in a bid for the fire station but was unsuccessful. Before the town council is given permission to draw down a public works loan from the Department of Communities and Local Government, it has to have consulted with the residents on whether they would agree to an increase in precept to part-fund the loan repayments.

“The town council could have sent round a separate survey on this issue, but decided to save costs by including it in the community consultation. It was placed at the end as it didn't want this particular topic to unduly influence any of the other responses.”

Completed questionnaires can be handed in at the town council office, library, Community at 67, Keynsham Leisure Centre, Somerdale Pavilion reception area or in the Freepost envelope provided with delivered copies.

To  find out more about the NDP, consultation and play area review, or obtain a hard copy of the consultation, call the town council on 0117 986 8683, or email ndp@keynsham-tc.gov.uk