'Ethical' litter firm to hand out fines across Bath and North East Somerset

February 01 2019

An “ethical” litter enforcement firm has been awarded a contract to hand out fines to those caught dropping rubbish in Bath and North East Somerset’s streets and parks.

B&NES Council has signed a year-long deal with 3GS, whose uniformed officers will be working across the area from March 1 with powers to issue fixed penalties of up to £150 for deliberately dropping litter and up to £400 for fly-tipping.

Officers from the firm, which says on its website it provides “ethical environmental enforcement”, will work from 7am to 7pm seven days a week. Under the agreement, there is a limit to how much 3GS can earn from the contract, with any money raised above its fixed fee going to the council or into anti-littering education and promotion.

Councillor Bob Goodman said: “We want to be firm but fair and we have been assured by 3GS that the enforcement officers will be proportionate in the way they go about this task. However the message is clear, please don’t drop litter and dump waste otherwise you risk a hefty fixed penalty fine.

“Bath and North East Somerset is a truly beautiful place and it both frustrates and saddens me when I see litter dumped in our streets, parks and in public places at considerable cost to the council. I hope this scheme will act both as a deterrent as well as educate people about littering and dog fouling and the cost it has not just to the council but to the environment that we all share.

“Thinking back to last summer’s heatwave our parks and green spaces were almost daily left in an awful mess by some people having picnics and leaving all their waste behind. It was horrible to see. It isn’t difficult to find a bin and dispose of your rubbish and if the bin is full then the message is take your rubbish home and recycle it or put it in the general waste.

“This pilot scheme with enforcement officers will be monitored carefully, and we will listen to local views and do what’s best to keep our area clean and tidy at no extra cost to the council.”

3GS and the council plan to run promotional campaigns against littering, and the company also runs reward schemes for people who go the extra mile to keep their area clean.

Martin Jerrold, 3GS managing director, said: “3GS acts as a proportionate enforcer, meaning that fixed penalty notices are issued based on need.

“Our aim is to reduce environmental crime for the long term; and our enforcement officers will patrol and issue FPNs to reduce street offences such as littering and dog-fouling.”

3GS has also recently been awarded a litter enforcement contract for Bristol, taking over from controversial Kingdom, which reportedly issued £31,000 of fines in its first week in the city and attracted a number of negative headlines during its tenure.