Croquet teams see success

August 01 2019

CAMERTON and Peasedown Croquet Club (CPCC) members have been taking part in a competitions.

There are contests for beginners, improvers and more experienced players.
Some of this year’s beginners are taking part in the High Handicap Competition and have already got a number of wins under their belt.
CPCC coaches and team captains keep their eye on players – free coaching and ‘fine tuning’ is available and everyone is encouraged to try competitive croquet – they soon ‘get the bug’!
So far this year CPCC has won a number of matches.
The High Handicap Team, including some of this year’s beginners, are on a winning streak. One match was won by 13 to 7 and the other by 111/2 to 81/2.
 The club also takes part in national competitions – a team of four travelled to Nottingham to take part in the Murphy Cup. This match of singles and doubles brought out our best play and many games were won/lost by just 1 or 2 points. Eventually CPCC won by 4.
Croquet is a sport that, with a short introduction, you can play immediately.
It is particularly suitable for those recovering their fitness, health and mobility. Flat soled shoes are the only equipment needed.
The club offers a free introductory session and subscriptions are reduced in the first year. If you are interested,contact Mo Boys on 01225 708540.