August Column: PC Lisa Hawtin

August 12 2013
August Column: PC Lisa Hawtin

PC Lisa Hawtin on Keynsham Music Festival, Community Speed Watch and the power of PACT.

Dear readers – it would appear that you have missed my contribution to these pages as I’ve been nudged (politely and lawfully) to continue writing in the Keynshamvoice. It’s been a while since I have been able balance my workload in order to meet the deadlines for publication and that’s the only reason behind my lack of communication with you. However, now that I’m assured of your attention I’m going to appeal for some help and opinion.

Our last PACT (Partners and Communities Together) meeting was held in June at the Methodist Church on Queens Road,  and was well attended by a good selection of our community. This is a powerful meeting that I believe more of you could perhaps make use of. I have recently met with local B&NES and town councillors to decide on how we can best reach out to more of you. The current suggestion is that we hold one meeting for the whole of Keynsham at a central location that should perhaps be on the High Street. Your councillors will operate a rota to take turns to join the police and perhaps a Curo housing officer to sit at the top table and address local issues. A list of priorities will be agreed and the chair will action them to one of us to deal with. SAVE THE DATE Thursday, October 10, as this will be the next meeting, the location of which will be in my next text to you and of course on our website

If you would like to know more about PACT or have any suggestions as to how it could be run please sing out and let me have them.

Following on from that, one of the priorities raised at PACT was speeding along Charlton Road. Could I have a group of willing volunteers please to run a Community Speed Watch? I will need approximately 10 of you in the group to be trained on the speed detection equipment and to commit to organise regular checks. Those who are caught speeding in our community will then be contacted by the police.

The warm weather, good food and toe-tapping music attracted many of you to the Keynsham Music Festival again this year. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m pleased to report that the good spirits were carried all the way through to the end so there was no need for me to deprive anybody of their liberty.

I’m now looking forward to the Youth Festival on September 21 but the dance routine will need to be simpler than the Macarena as my coordination is not what it used to be!

And finally, our Neighbourhood Policing Team Inspector, Tim Stuckes has left the building. Yes, he has hung up his hat and retired after 38 years’ service to policing. We will all miss him and wish him a long and happy retirement, I will of course keep you updated as to who will pick up the baton! 

That’s all from me for now, if you need to contact me personally or any of the team then either dial 101 or email me at