August 2019: News from your local MP

August 01 2019

Boris Johnson has been elected as the new leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party, officially taking over from Theresa May as Prime Minister.

After paying tribute to his opponent, Jeremy Hunt, to Mrs  May and to all those who have supported him over the past few weeks, including Tory members who voted for him, he set the tone for his administration by saying that under his leadership the country would be energised once more and that the ‘spirit of can-do’ would be brought about by the opportunities that lay ahead post-Brexit.  
After his speech he said: ‘The time for campaigning is over and the time for work begins to unite our country and party, deliver Brexit and defeat Corbyn. I will work flat out to repay your confidence.’
Boris has only ever been the figure who could unite the Party, the country and deliver Brexit by 31st October.  
As Prime Minister he will, with his charisma, drive and forward-thinking, galvanise the United Kingdom both domestically and internationally, changing the fortunes of the Party and country simultaneously.
The optimism and confidence displayed by Boris are essential as we venture into the next phase of negotiations with the European Union which intends to obstruct our exit at every opportunity.  Unfortunately, previous exchanges with Brussels were lacklustre and defeatist and it always seemed as though we were on the backfoot.  
Now, finally, it is time, under Boris’s  stewardship, for the UK to cast off the shackles of self-doubt and become the success story that it was always destined to be.