Aquadri Pest Control - Bristol

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76 Forest Road
BS15 2EH

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Expert Pest Control Services

Aquadri is one of the UK's finest cleaning businesses, now offering a full pest control service in Bristol and surrounding areas. For assistance dealing with your pest problem and creating a safe, clean environment for your home or workplace please don't hesitate, call now!

The service you need

Aquadri uses only approved traps and chemicals to ensure your premises is clean of pests in a manner fully compliant with the law, including premises serving food.

Squirrels can damage property as well as spread disease. Aquadri pest control can help.

We can provide advice on any necessary pest control equipment as well as equipment installation and long-term service contracts.

  • Rodent traps
  • Electronic fly killers
  • Fly screens
  • Bird stops, netting, wire & spikes.

Aquadri provides pest control services to homes and businesses of all types. No site is too big or too small, from domestic houses and flats to pubs and clubs, nursing homes or factories with many large buildings.


Controlling pests of all types

  • Rodent Pest Control After a full assessment of the scale of the problem Aquadri can provide an ongoing service leaving correctly baited and positioned traps on site to clear your rodent problem.
  • Insect Pest Control Failure to control disease-spreading insects can be a violation of Food & Drugs and Health & Safety at Work acts. Aquadri is able to ensure your premises is clean and remains pest-free and fully compliant with the law.
  • Wasp & Hornet Nest Removal Active wasp and hornet nests can be dangerous to remove. We can we can carry out their removal safely for you.
  • Bird Pest Control Protecting buildings from pest birds using sound, humane methods.

Clean up

For control of dust mites and hygienic clean-up of mess left by rodents and other pests Aquadri provides a full carpet and upholstery cleaning service.