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April 01 2021 Town council opposes biogas plant

Keynsham Town Council opposes biogas plant

Plans to convert food and farming waste into power at a green-belt site in Keynsham are being opposed by the town council... Read More

April 01 2021

Keynsham Music Festival on the move

Keynsham Music Festival is set to go on this move this year... Read More

March 03 2021

Green-belt land bid for roads and homes

Council bosses are set to sign off the purchase of 70 acres of green-belt land in Keynsham to speed up delivery of new roads and more than 300 homes. .. Read More

March 03 2021 Energy firm's third bid for biogas plant

Energy firm's third bid for biogas plant

Waste food and crops will be used to generate renewable energy if a facility is built in Keynsham’s green belt on the third attempt. .. Read More