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June 11 2019

Little girls with big ideas to help others

Amari, 6, creates plastic party box.. Read More

June 11 2019

Top Trumps! Judd’s success leads to payout of 1998 bet

A FORMER junior snooker player has spoken to Keynsham Voice after Judd Trump’s win at the World Championships resulted in his dad receiving a £10,000 payout, writes Keri Beckingham... Read More

June 11 2019

'Holiday park' concerns for Green Belt

SALTFORD Environment Group has expressed concerns over two planning applications which members claim could create an Airb'n'b-style holiday park... Read More

June 11 2019

English teacher in national awards final

A TEACHER at Wellsway School has been shortlisted for a TESSA - the profession’s equivalent of the Oscars... Read More