Wellsway students who came to aid of distressed woman are praised by Chief Constable

Published on: 07 Oct 2016

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Two teenagers from a Keynsham school have been praised for their “compassion and courage” after stepping in to help a distressed woman in Bristol.

Liam Davis and Will Coles, who are both in Year 10 at IKB Academy, were with friends in the Old Market area when they came across the woman and, fearing she was going to harm herself, stopped to comfort her before calling the police.

Will said: “We were crossing the bridge and we saw her on the wrong side of the railings so we grabbed her. We called the police and waited with her until they arrived. We asked her if she had any money and she said ‘no’ so we gave her £10. 

“I felt so proud of myself for helping someone in need and hope she is feeling much better and is back on track with her life.”

The pair, along with Olivia Rowley, Lauren Lerway, Baylea Camm, Rosie McGill and Seb Davis, all Year 10 students at Sir Bernard Lovell Academy in Oldland Common, have since been thanked personally by Chief Constable Andy Marsh at Avon and Somerset Police headquarters in Portishead, where they were given a tour, including a visit to the communication centre that took their call for help.

One of the officers called to the incident in June, PC Adam Finlayson, said: “Upon our arrival, they were comforting and supporting the distressed woman and seemed to have struck up a good rapport with her. They provided her reassurance and arguably prevented her from causing herself harm. I was massively impressed by their actions and attitude.”

Debbie Gibbs, the principal of IKB Academy, said: “We are so proud to have these two boys in Year 10 at IKB and look forward to sharing in their future successes. They have shown great maturity and deserve this public recognition of their compassion and courage.”

Chief Constable Andy Marsh said: “I heard about what they had done and I was very impressed. I wanted to thank them personally. This was an act of great kindness, compassion and generosity, while others walked by.”

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