Sky's the limit for Keynsham aerial film-maker

Published on: 07 Apr 2014

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Watching the sun rise over the surrounding hills while drifting several feet above St John’s Church tower would normally be a view reserved for the birds.
But local film-maker Matt Knight is offering residents a different perspective on their town.

Matt – himself something of an early bird – has been out and about, often at the crack of dawn, capturing local landmarks on camera as most people have never seen them before.

For his bird’s eye views, however, Matt’s feet stay firmly on the ground as he uses a remote-controlled Phantom Vision drone fitted with a camera to create the films.

Starting with a remote-controlled helicopter, Matt has now been flying the equipment for 18 months and his first film is now available to view on Youtube.

He said: “It takes a lot of practice to fly the Phantom Vision as it has four propellers. I really enjoy building things and there is a great sense of satisfaction seeing something you have built fly.

“A clear blue sky, a sunrise or sunset just makes the videos so much better – there is a real sense of peacefulness early in the morning  with nothing much around, just a few birds flying.” Matt Knight

The four-minute video Matt has uploaded to Youtube takes the viewer over the Somerdale site, the Memorial Park and the town centre development. The most dramatic sequence, however, is when the camera travels from the foot of St John’s Church tower to the very top, capturing the sun as it appears over the horizon beyond.

Matt, 43, who lives in Keynsham with wife Nichola and their two daughters Katie and Amy, said: “To be able to see the area that you live in from a bird’s eye view, you just can’t beat that different perspective on where you live.

“Keynsham is a good spot as there is so much green belt around, the landscape around here and the views from Kelston are fantastic.”

Now Matt is preparing for another kind of launch, unveiling a new website and offering people the chance to have their own aerial videos or photos taken – from pictures of their homes to weddings and parties.

For more information, visit, call Matt on 07971 265341 or email 

To see his video on Youtube, click here.

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