Resident calls for new clock tower

Published on: 07 Feb 2013

Resident calls for new clock tower

Time ran out for Keynsham’s clock tower last month, when it was pulled down to make way for the redevelopment of the town centre. Sketch - Adrian Shipp of Flagshipp Animations

The 1960s structure inspired mixed feelings among residents, with some sad to see it go and others happy for it to be removed.

One resident, Adrian Shipp, feels there should be a replacement free-standing clock and sent us his design featuring an ammonite.

He said: “Having a free-standing clock would enable the placement of memorial/ celebratory (considering the Jubilee) plaques, community notice boards, or even a home for installations like the mosaics that used to adorn the centre.”

* What do you think? Should Keynsham have a new clock tower? What could it look like? Or is it time for a fresh start? Let us know your thoughts!

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