Keynsham police explain cyclist stop-check 'for not wearing Lycra'

Published on: 24 May 2013

Police say a spate of shed and garage break-ins was what prompted them to stop a cyclist in Keynsham who tweeted to say he was pulled over for "not wearing Lycra".
Tim Burton's message and photo of the stop-check on Twitter sparked a great deal of interest from other users and it quickly spread on social networks.
"Just got stopped by the police for 'not wearing Lycra' but being on a road bike," he tweeted.
"The PC said I wasn't dressed in appropriate gear to be riding my bike so had I stolen it?"
"I was clipped in. No scruffy trainers but clean(ish) SPD shoes. Maybe I didn't look hipster enough? Apparently there have been some shed break-ins locally. The bike looks too good for me to own, obviously!"
Police carried out a background check on the bicycle's frame number and Mr Burton and waved him on his way.
Mr Burton said he was philosophical about the request to stop: "It is nice to see them looking out for pinched bikes, I told the PC I appreciated it," he said.
Pc Keith James, who did the stop-check, said: "Bike thefts are a priority for us in this area as we've had a number of garage and shed break-ins. I'm a cyclist myself and it was unusual to see an expensive bike being ridden by someone in non-cycling clothes and without a helmet. It soon became clear that Mr Burton was the genuine owner and I'm glad he's supportive of what we're doing to try to catch bike thieves."

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