Plea to slash 60mph speed limit on rat run lane between Saltford and Keynsham

Published on: 07 Aug 2015

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A 60mph speed limit on a road between Keynsham and Saltford is putting schoolchildren at risk every day, says a concerned grandmother.

Sallyanne Williams, from Saltford, says a stretch of Manor Road where motorists are allowed to drive at the national speed limit is a danger to walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

The section of narrow country lane is sandwiched between two 20mph zones as the road meets residential areas at Grange Road, in Saltford, and Hurn Lane, in Keynsham.

Now Mrs Williams, who walks along the route to get to work at the police desk in Keynsham Civic Centre, wants the 60mph zone abolished and replaced with a 20mph limit and is taking her concerns to Bath and North East Somerset Council next month.

She said: “The lane is a rat run for people avoiding the A4 and people going to work speed through that section. I have had to jump for my life dozens of times and am terrified for the children who use it to get school. The cars don’t slow down and sometimes pass just inches from you.

“Schoolchildren should be able to use their bikes and to cycle safely along this route, it should be encouraged – but it’s so dangerous. It’s crying out to not have cars using it but at the very least should have a 20mph limit – it’s not a panacea but it’s a start if in future it could be enforced.” 

Ruth and Eddy Bawden have a smallholding on land just inside the 60mph zone and said cars whose drivers have taken the bends too quickly have ended up in their fields on several occasions.

Agreeing with Mrs Williams’ call for the speed limit to be lowered, Mr Bawden said the lane quickly becomes clogged if there is an incident on the A4 and added: “Drivers get frustrated when that happens and there are hold-ups. They jam their foot down even though they can’t see round the corners. It’s really lucky we haven’t had a fatality.”

Mrs Williams is now planning to address a meeting of Bath and North East Somerset Council to call for action to be taken and is urging other residents who would like the speed limit lowered to contact their councillors.

With one grandson already at Wellsway and one about to join, she said she hopes to see the route made a safe option for pupils.

“We should be riding and walking for the sake of the environment and the council should be promoting that and making it safe to do so,” she said.

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  1. ian Fenwick:
    Oct 29, 2015 at 06:02 PM

    I do not agree that changes to the speed limit on this stretch of road are necessary.
    If pedestrians using this road do not feel safe, then they should use the perfectly safe footpath or cycle path that BANES has provided which runs from Saltford to Keynsham.
    It is difficult to understand why anyone who works in Keynsham, would want to use this road in the first place, Surely the A4 is quicker and shorter

  2. ajuk:
    Apr 17, 2016 at 08:10 PM

    What would that do, who would enforce it, what is the speed most traffic is currently going?

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