May column: Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

Published on: 03 May 2013

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May column: Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

Wellsway School saw the opening of its new £3.1 million sports hall recently.  This impressive facility has a six-court hall as well as a suite of fitness machines bought from the Olympic Park and some classroom space. Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

It was formally opened by Ben Rushgrove, who is one of the country’s foremost Paralympians.  He won a silver medal in Peking and a bronze in London, which he generously showed to the guests and pupils at Wellsway.  He is an influential figure who was besieged by admirers after the ceremony with whom he patiently agreed to be photographed.  Other parts of the ceremony included some excellent dancing and speeches from pupils.  This was done exceptionally well and was an organisational triumph for the school.

Wellsway has a strong reputation for sport and this new hall will enhance its standing.  It provides the facilities necessary to produce outstanding results but it is the enthusiasm of staff and pupils alike which will ensure success.  This is clearly present and it will be interesting to see it flourish in coming years.

The hall is also available for the community and had been used by 300 residents prior to the formal opening.  This is beneficial as it ensures a greater use of an expensive resource, especially during parts of the year when schools are not open.  It allows continuity for school leavers who will be able to keep up their training  after finishing their studies.  However, its greatest benefit is in bringing a community together.  Sometimes schools can seem isolated places and sharing something like this can change this perception.  It allows young and old to come together to the benefit of society generally.

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