March Column: PC Lisa Hawtin

Published on: 08 Mar 2013

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March Column: PC Lisa Hawtin

At the time of writing the sun is out and the Easter school holidays are just around the corner. I make no apologies for repeating myself when I say to parents: “Please consider the safety of your children when they are off school and out playing.”  All too often these days we are reading about accidents involving children. You may consider your children to be street wise but a little reminder about road safety, stranger danger, water safety etc, is never a waste of breath. I will help with this message wherever and whenever I can. PC Lisa Hawtin

Calling all van drivers and owners! These vehicles are often the mobile office for some people with valuable work tools and devices being held within. Sadly in Keynsham and the surrounding districts we seem to have a trend developing of theft from such vehicles. This is happening in daylight hours in various parking places, such as our local public car parks or from outside the home address. The type of equipment stolen is often expensive power tools – the tools of the trade to some. The financial loss and inconvenience goes on and on. 

The crime prevention advice would be to remove items from display inside your vehicle and lock them away. Having done this, ensure that you mark them with your post code and house number so any recovered property is returned to the original owner and not the new one who “bought it cheap down the pub”. I have property marking pens so contact me, or PCSOs Bob Hambridge and Rebecca Knocker, and we will supply them. I would urge you all to report anything you think maybe suspicious, as there’s a real possibility that the suspects are loading the tools from one van to another vehicle. Let us decide if it’s a genuine situation or a theft in progress.

Graffiti – yuck! You will have noticed that it is still going on. To the vandals who are persistent: “What a mess you are making of our town with your mindless scrawl, the clean-up costs could be better spent elsewhere. Clearly you are ready to pay the fines and face the possibility of a  prison sentence.”

To those who respect the area in which you live: “Please pick up the phone and report what is going on in your town!”

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