Letter: Village is home, not just address

As the newly elected councillor for Saltford Parish Council, I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to everyone who voted for me.

I look forward to working positively with all of Saltford’s local councillors, both on the parish council and B&NES Council.

Since I have a young family of my own, commute to work, and am lucky enough to have my elderly, retired parents living in Saltford; I am certain I view life here with a broad enough perspective to take on board and represent most people’s point of view.

Saltford is my home and not simply an address where I happen to live. This is a small place, anything that happens here impacts on all of us.

We each need to take ownership of our responsibilities to Saltford in its entirety, and not just worry about our half of the the street in which we live. I feel it is vital that whatever decisions we make now are firmly based on the future needs of our community, ensuring we leave a legacy we can all be proud of.

As such, it is my intention to do all that I possibly can to prevent detrimental influences on our environment and to promote new initiatives that will improve the quality of all our lives here as a whole.

Cllr Robert Taylor

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