Proud of those challenging plans

I read with dismay your article entitled “New move on drilling plan” on page 6 in the January edition of the Keynshamvoice.    It now seems that UK Methane Limited now feel free to apply for wholesale shale gas production on the site.

They say that “the level of information that is being requested is far higher than that for any previous planning application ..”

I, for one, am proud of those in Keynsham who have had the temerity to challenge them. 

Their company director comments: “Central government has carried out enough work to prove that shale gas production is safe and has recently lifted the moratorium on fracking.” 

There are plenty of places in the world where fracking has turned out not to be safe, and of course people have the right to know exactly what will be involved, how it will affect their safety and the safety of their families, and the effect on the environment.  

Mary Lake