Letter: Council must invest in town

What can we say about B&NES Council and their treatment of Keynsham? Lucky they aren’t the doctor and we are the patient!

Where is our free parking, with a two-hour time limit? They would still make their money with wardens fining those over-staying the time limit, and those with no tax or who park on yellow lines.

As for the new building in the centre, it looks like a load of concrete and glass, a bit like what is already there. Why don’t they use stone and render in keeping with Temple Street’s Old School etc?

B&NES, make builders build in keeping with Keynsham properties like stone-built houses such as on the old Connick’s Garage site. One of the producers from EastEnders recently filming in Keynsham summed it up: “because of the Olympics they pulled down a lot of rundown places in London, so we picked Keynsham to film as it looked like some of the rundown parts of the East End”, so let’s hope B&NES spends some of the BBC fee on Keynsham.

C Thomas


PS. Great to see Franks Window Cleaning in Keynshamvoice – a local person, working locally, working for locals and employing local people. Wish there were more people to go and try to start a business full- or part-time.

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