Keynsham Scouts go on an underground adventure

Published on: 07 Dec 2012

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Keynsham Scouts go on an underground adventure

Scouts from 1st Keynsham faced the “Superman Squeeze” on an outdoor adventure to earn another badge. Scouts go caving

The girls and boys, aged from 10 to 14, went caving at Burrington Combe, on the Mendips, where they had to negotiate the Superman Squeeze to get to the Goatchurch Cavern.

To qualify for their Caver badge, the youngsters had to visit two different cave systems, led by a qualified instructor. During their visits they also had to show they understood cave conservation codes and the environmental issues around caving.

Ella, 13, said: “It’s challenging and funny to see people trying to squeeze through holes. The leaders tell stories to try to scare us, but they fail miserably.”

Eleven year-old Ollie said: “It is fun climbing through really small holes. I had a great time.”

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