Keynsham parents to launch own road safety patrols

Published on: 06 Jan 2015

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Parents supporting a Keynsham dad’s call to improve road safety near their children’s schools will be putting their campaign into action this month.

Nick Elliott launched the Chandag Road Safety Action Group (CRSAG) last month after his youngest daughter narrowly avoided being struck by a car on her way home from Chandag Infant School.

Now with a number of other parents Mr Elliott is organising voluntary patrols of Chandag Road to raise awareness of speeding and illegal parking around the area as Wellsway, Chandag Junior and Chandag Infant pupils arrive at and leave the schools, as well as those attending 324 Playgroup.

The father-of-three says a local business has agreed to fund high-visibility jackets highlighting the 20mph speed limit and around 20 parents have signed up to take turns on patrol.

The decision follows talks between CRSAG and representatives of Bath and North East Somerset Council over introducing road safety improvements and the lack of a lollipop patrol co-ordinator at the site, a role that has been vacant for more than a year, says Mr Elliott.

In a bid to advertise the vacancy the council has put up a banner at the school entrance and given leaflets to the schools – and Mr Elliott has now printed 300 extra leaflets and delivered them to homes in the area in the hope of finding someone to fill to role.

The group also has also raised the possibility of installing safety measures such as speed humps, a crossing and extra speed limit signs, as they say the existing flashing school crossing lights are not big enough and the zig zag lines and painted 20mph signs are not visible enough.  

Mr Elliott said, however, that following the talks it appeared any changes to the road would need to go through a feasibility and planning process, which could take a couple of years.

He said: “We took the decision that enough was enough and we as the parents and guardians  needed take matters in to our own hands sooner rather than later.

“The current belief of us all is that it will take an accident or, even worse, a fatality before the council takes action. 

“A number of parents have contacted me via email and phone following the previous article in Keynshamvoice, also stopping me in the street having recognised me as a result of the publicity, expressing their grave concerns.”

As well as launching the patrols, CRSAG will also be collecting signatures on a petition to hand to Councillor Paul Crossley and will be fundraising to pay for flashing “slow down” signs, estimated at around £7,000, with several businesses already pledging donations.

Anyone who would like to join Chandag Road Safety Action Group can contact Mr Elliott on 07971 846067 or email

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