Keynsham neighbours call for trees to get the chop

Published on: 02 Oct 2012

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Keynsham neighbours call for trees to get the chop

Geri Gainard and Ina ChevisResidents in St John’s Court, Keynsham, say they have had enough of living in the shadow of trees towering over their homes.

Neighbours Geri Gainard and Ina Chevis say they have paid out thousands over the past decade to have gutters cleared and leaks fixed as the trees shed their leaves on to their homes’ flat roofs. Now they are calling on landowner Curo, formerly Somer Housing, to cut the three trees down and end the problem.

Mrs Gainard, who has lived in her house for 38 years, said: “When we moved in we could sit and watch the sunset – but we haven’t seen that for years.

“We don’t get any light through these trees and have the lights on inside the house all the time – they are monstrosities. The leaves fall onto the paths and onto our roofs, where they block the gutters and we have had water coming into our houses.

She added that neighbours had even organised petitions and approached local councillors and MP Jacob Rees-Mogg over the years in the hope of getting the trees chopped down.

Tracy Benson, Senior Better Spaces officer at Curo, said, however, the trees had been examined earlier this year and no work was recommended. She said: “We regularly inspect the 8,000 trees we have on our communal areas to ensure that they are safe and stable. We do not generally carry out major works such as felling or pollarding trees unless they are found to be in danger of falling or undermining foundations.

“The trees at St John’s Court were last inspected at the end of March and our specialist contractors did not recommend any works. Like all deciduous trees, leaf fall is inevitable and we do carry out regular leaf clearances throughout autumn to keep paths clear. Our teams are always available to carry out any urgent action on our land, such as clearing blocked gutters or clearing slippery paths.”

Residents can call Curo on 01225 366000 or visit to report any specific problems.

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