Keynsham dad launches road safety campaign on route to schools

Published on: 05 Dec 2014

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A Keynsham father-of-three has launched an action group to push for improvements to road safety around three Keynsham schools.

Nick Elliott says urgent action is needed to protect the hundreds of children crossing Chandag Road every day to get to Wellsway, Chandag Junior and Chandag Infant schools.

Weeks ago, his own six-year-old daughter was involved in a near-miss as she crossed the stretch and now he is calling on other parents and residents to back his campaign to improve pedestrian facilities and slow traffic.

Mr Elliott said: “My wife was crossing the road with our three daughters after school when one car coming one way stopped and the other car didn’t and my daughter ran across. Luckily the other car managed to stop but it was too close for comfort.

“I have seen a number of incidents involving young people and elderly people in the years I’ve lived here.

“Other areas of the town have been more of a priority in recent years but now something needs to be done in this area – it’s a unique site with so many schools and a nursery in one location and the road safety is not good enough for 2015.”

Mr Elliott has approached the head teachers of the three schools as well as writing to the governors and is due to meet with representatives of the council’s road safety team.

As well as dedicated crossings, other safety measures could include double yellows to prevent cars being parked on both sides of the road and on its bends and speed bumps, says Mr Elliott.

He added: “There are so many things you can do but I want the council to come to us with what they feel is appropriate.”

Anyone who would like to join Chandag Road Safety Action can contact Mr Elliot on 07971 846067 or email

Wellsway School head teacher Simon White said: “Chandag Road is undoubtedly a very busy road at the beginning and end of the school day. We have been informed that the local authority regularly reviews the safety of the road and that a number of initiatives have been tried in recent times to improve the situation.  It will be interesting to hear from those with expertise in the area of road safety and to consider, with other local residents, what more can be done to ensure that children and young people remain safe on Chandag Road.”

A spokesperson for B&NES Council said: “The council is planning to meet local residents to discuss their concerns and whether additional road safety measures are needed.”

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