Keynsham campaigners call on residents to stem flow of plastic waste

Published on: 02 Mar 2018

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A Keynsham couple have displayed all of the plastic waste generated from four weeks of supermarket shopping on the banks of Keynsham’s River Chew to highlight our dependency on plastic.

Mike and Jenny Barrow kept all of the plastic containers and wrapping from four weekly food shops to highlight how much individual households throw away.

The couple, both members of Keynsham Methodist Church’s Eco Group, then took the pile they had collected to the banks of the River Chew to highlight the link between waste in our rivers and pollution in the world’s oceans.

Mike said: “If a retired couple such as Jenny and myself produce this amount of plastic, just imagine what a family of say four who might buy a lot of ready-made meals would accumulate over the same period of time.

“Supermarkets are accepting that they have a responsibility to reduce the amount of plastic packaging that they generate. Tesco has recently started to sell some of its mushrooms in paper-based containers, but this is only a start as they still have many more products packed in plastic.

“As consumers we, if we so wish, have a role to play. While many of the necessary products we need are plastic-packed there may be things we don’t need.”

As part of its campaign to cut plastic waste, the Eco Group is urging residents not to buy bottled water and to instead drink tap water from refillable bottles. 

Mike added: “The tap water in the UK is the probably the safest in the world and it is there to be drunk. You will also save yourself some money!”

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