January Column: Thought for the Month

Published on: 04 Jan 2013

January Column: Thought for the Month

with Reverend Richard Hall, St Mary’s, Saltford Reverend Richard Hall

As we enter a new year, what are you hoping for?  The only hope that is guaranteed to be fulfilled is our hope in God.  He is the God of hope. 

When children were invited to ask the vicar about creation, one boy asked: “When God created the world, did he know that men were going to make rockets and bombs and things?”  The answer is that he took the risk.  He is a God of hope.

God has a theology, it may not be written down in the bible but it is there all the same.  One way or another, God affirms: “I believe in men and women, dwellers in time and space, caretakers of the earth and its environment.  I believe in creation, mind and matter, body and spirit.  I believe in freedom.”

Look again at the Garden of Eden.  When things went wrong, God could have scrapped the whole thing and started again.  But he didn’t, he believed in us.  God found Noah and his family and gave them a DIY ark kit.  Afterwards he told them, while there is a rainbow in the sky you will know the God of hope is still in business.
The God of hope then became the man of hope, in Jesus, who gave all hope to all people.

For us today, our Christian hope is no fanciful optimism, but God does expect something of us.  He is putting us in charge. 

So, we have responsibilities at home and at work, our concern for our neighbour next door and in the Third World, our campaigning for world peace and so on.  
This is because he believes in us

So, may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing in 2013.

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