Hundreds of poppies cover Keynsham Guide HQ on D-Day anniversary

Published on: 06 Jun 2014

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As the thousands who gave their lives in the D-Day landings 70 years ago are remembered, Keynsham Guides and Brownies have made their own tribute.

Hundreds of poppies knitted by the group's Ammonite Trefoil  Guild are now adorning the outside of their HQ at Ashton Way.

The colourful display was created during the evening of June 5 so it would be seen by Keynsham residents on the anniversary of the World War II operation today (June 6).

One member of the group who took part in the "yarnbombing" event said the poppies would make "a surprising feast of colour in a quiet corner of Keynsham".

The Ammonite group's hard-working knitters have recently produced teddies for each member of the Keynsham Brownie units to mark the Big Brownie Birthday and have made dozens of vests for newborn babies in Africa, known as "fish and chip" babies because they are sent home wrapped in newspaper.

The group is always happy to receive any leftover wool, which they say will always be put to good use.

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